Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel


Thabo Mbeki

Former President of South Africa

Contributions to the AIDS Advisory Panel 2000

President Thabo Mbeki’s speech at the opening of the 13th International AIDS Conference, Durban, 9 July 2000

Letter to World leaders on AIDS in Africa, 3 April 2000Mbekis_AIDS_Advisory_Panel_files/02%2003%3A04%3A00%20Thabo%20Mbeki%27s%20letter%20to%20world%20leaders%20on%20AIDS%20in%20Africa.pdf
President Mbeki’s Address to the Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel, 6 May 2000Mbekis_AIDS_Advisory_Panel_files/05%2006%3A05%3A00%20Mbeki%27s%20address%20to%20AIDS%20Panel.pdf